My Life

Not Always so Far Away


Even though I am in Europe, I sometimes feel quite far away from home (wherever that is, but not really here right now) and I really miss my friends and family. And then there are times when I feel closer. Friends with blogs are great, because then I get regular updates on what they are doing without them having to write to me every other day. Seeing friends in the media is another thing that makes me feel not so far away. Especially one is a real “linslus” and today, I could read about his favorite places in Stockholm and what he consumes of just about everything. Fun since I don’t get to see him more than a few times a year and we tend to talk about other things than his for the moment least favorite color and his preferred product at the pharmacy.


My weekend will for sure involve some work but I am also going hiking along the river Răut, in what is probably the most beautiful landscape in Moldova. With a little luck, I might pos some photos here on Monday…  

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