Monday Morning


So, I am back in the office after a weekend of (guess what?) NO WORK!!! I should actually have worked because I had something that I should have finished, but I decided to just ignore it. I haven’t had one day off since first week of May and I haven’t had a two-day weekend since I was in Rome in mid April. Started to fee like Michael Douglas in Falling Down and thought that it was time that I did something else than just sitting in the office, otherwise I would probably loose it. So I spent most of my weekend reading books and having pick-nicks with friends in parks. The weather has been great this last week and I really needed to just hang out in the sun for a while. The rest of the weekend was mostly me-time. I even bailed on a concert just to have some time to myself. Seems like the need for that gets greater each year and I become more and more of a loner, but hopefully it is just a habit and not a personality change.


This week, I have another field trip planned with Melanie (my boss) to the wetlands in Hînceşt. – love getting out in the countryside! And then tomorrow, I going to a meeting arranged by NGOs on how to strengthen the civil society’s monitoring capacity here in Moldova. Super interesting!

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