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A Tribute to Summer


Is there anything nicer than summer?? I just LOVE this time of the year. I wish it could be like this all year around! When I lived in California (about 100 years ago), I remember that people in Sweden asked me if I did not miss the seasons. Eh, not really! Beautiful as fall may be, I can easily do away with gray, cold November days, those weeks in December and January when you barely see the sun, and April that in all movies is a lovely spring month, but which in reality anywhere north of Paris is a rainy month that sometimes even comes with snow or hail. The charm of seasons! And this instead of warm days when all you have to wear is a skirt and a top and a pair of slippers (at least if you are a girl in the West, for now anyway). Long days when you can stay out for hours after work without feeling tired the day after. Warm evenings when you can have dinner at a terrace without having to worry about the fact that you forgot your sweater at home.


Moldovans are not equally appreciative of warm and sunny weather. Perhaps this is because they have more of it than we do in Sweden (even though Moldova does have a four season climate with at times fairly harsh winters). But like all Swedes, I have learned to appreciate summer days and so it pains me to hear especially women here complain about it being warm and frown at the sun when we go outside. I get almost upset! But then again, already as a kid, I loved the story about the Cold-blooded Penguin and was full of sympathy for the penguin Pablo who escaped the cold for a tropically island. One of these winters, I will probably do the same. But for now, I am enjoying lovely, lovely summer!




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