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A Bit Restless?


This weekend was probably the most boring weekend so far this year. It feels like I didn’t do anything at all! Most of my friends are out of town, and to be honest, I was not very pro-active in arranging things either. In addition, the weather was a bit boring: cloudy and windy, so it wasn’t so nice to just stay outside in a park and read either. Sometimes, I love these calm weekends, but this weekend, I was just bored. Here is what I actually did:

  • After work coffee with Ghenadie on Friday;
  • Quick appearance at small party Friday night with mostly IOM staff;
  • Work both Saturday and Sunday (but I was wasn’t very efficient, which was why I ended up spending time in the office both days);
  • Dinner and drinks Saturday evening with Erik, Cristina and Lars;
  • Sunday brunch at Delice d’Ange;
  • Studied several chapters in my Russian book;
  • Did some writing;
  • Finished the book that I was reading (Freakonomics: quite interesting – I recommend it, especially to non-economists who think that economics is an abstract topic);
  • Watched about 100 episodes of Veronica Mars; and
  • Cleaned a bit in my apartment.

Not sure why I was so bored and why it felt like I did absolutely nothing: I did do quite a lot, including hanging out with friends. Guess I am just a bit restless sometimes…

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