Cherry Season


This morning, my landlord, Nikolai came by to pick up the rent and with him he brought a big bag of cherries from his garden. One of the things that I love about Moldova is that everyone has a small garden with fruits and vegetables, or grandparents in a village with fruits and vegetables, and when it is season, you have a constant supply of homegrown fresh fruits and vegetables. And now it is cherry season, and so I have eaten cherries every day for the past two weeks.





Otherwise, I have worked a lot in this past week. But Friday, I finalized my chapter to the last report that I am contributing to this spring. I have basically been involved in the writing of three larger documents and though very interesting, it has been extremely time consuming. So when I sent off the e-mail with my draft chapter to my supervisor in Kyiv, it felt like when I was in school and turned in my last exam for the year and was going on summer holiday. So this week, I am planning on just hanging out on outdoor restaurants and watching the European Cup after six o’clock in the evenings.

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  1. Åh, vad gott det ser ut – jag som älskar körsbär! Jag får göra körsbärspaj nästa gång du är hemma (och jag lovar att ingen dött eller ens blivit magsjuk av den hittills…;)).

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