Modern Bedouins


If the last post looked a bit strange, it is because I wrote and posted it from my cell phone. Very convenient but since I do not have access to font choices, etc, it is a bit of a mismatch with the other postings. Let’s see if I can solve it. If so, I can become one of those maniac bloggers that posts new texts three to four times per day! Or modern Bedouins as the Economist refers to them in the article Nomads at Last, from April 10, 2008: Young (I am at least still semi young…) people with digital gadgets that are hanging out at cafés with wireless connections, drinking caffe latte and blogging.


It turned out that Saturday afternoon could get even better than coffee and reading in the sun. After a few hours of reading my not so interesting book, I went for lunch at my favorite outdoor terrace Pani Pit. There I met Michael and Andreas from Austria, so I joined them for lunch. After the lunch, I met up with Swedish Lars for an afternoon beer at another outdoor terrace by one of the lakes in the Botanica park. The day ended with dinner and a song session in Lars’ apartment. So it was a day with only foreigners, but oh so nice to speak Swedish for a few hours for the first time in a month!



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