Holiday Season

We are now in the middle of what is referred to here as the Holiday Season – basically the time between Halloween and New Years, and tomorrow, it is Thanksgiving. I love this period! Indulging in holiday spirit and seasonal food is the best way to enjoy fall, which for me normally is kind of gloomy. My sister Jessica, who is very knowledgeable in ethnology, has told me that most cultures (at least those rooted in Europe) have over the year traditions in approximately the same period: around the two solstices, the two equinoxes, and once in between each of these periods. Many of them are today related to Christianity, but they were all there before Christianity was introduced. These festivities had an important function in showing how the year passed, and I think this is even more important now when many of us are so detached from nature, and time and life easily just passes if we don’t stop and reflect. Thus, I try to acknowledge the seasons and the holidays. For Thanksgiving, I have gotten some seasonal decorations, spicy cinnamon tea, and today, I am making a pumpkin pie.

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