Feedback on My First Assignment

I got feedback on my first assignment on my MSc Program this week. Apart from one stupid mistake that I had made in terms of the writing format, the feedback was quite good. However, the evaluation form didn’t give me more than a 68% score, and I was quite depressed for a few days. I kind of assumed that it was similar to the U.S. grading, where the top grades are around 80 and 90%. I had told myself while writing the assignment that this was our first and that I should allow myself time to learn the academic style and more research oriented approach, which was part of the reason why I decided to go back to University in the first place. But I was still a little disappointed of not having performed above mediocracy. Yesterday, however, I double checked the grade system in our Program Handbook, and it turned out that 60-69% counts as “With Merit” and 70% and above is the highest grade, “With Distinction”. The grade on the Diploma is then given based on the average of the four course modules and the dissertation. So 68% on the first assignment wasn’t that bad; I am quite pleased, and I will do my best to improve over the rest of the Program! Even though for me, what I learn in a course has always been much more important than the grade I get, I have some semi-plans for what I want to do after these two years and my grades from this program will certainly play a role in this. So back to my studies! I should start writing on my second assignment this weekend….

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