Frustration Over A Cold That Refuses To Go Away

I have been fighting a cold for the past three weeks. It is extremely frustrating! Especially since I just had found a couple of dance studios around the metro area and was planning to start taking classes again after the holidays. I tried to ignore it for a while and even went out running one of the first days, but that didn’t exactly help. So last week, I tried to slow down a bit and stayed in and worked from home, but after a few days, I was completely struck by cabin fever and my whole body seemed to have serious sings of the restless leg syndrome. Restlessness and frustration proved to not be a very good combination for me and I ended up surfing ballet sites and dance clips on youtube, and went on a shopping spree for ballet DVDs. Well, not really a shopping spree perhaps, but I certainly got more than I probably needed. While I am still not fully recovered, I tried one the other day and it was great, so at least I don’t have to suffer from buyer’s remorse in addition to my cold! And if you wonder why I still love dancing, look at this clip:

It is lovely to be so strong that you almost feel light. This clip shows some of the hard work that goes into it though:

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