A Relaxing Weekend

Wednesday was basically my last day at my former job and though I have quite a bit of studying to catch up on, I decided to take a few days off to see if I could finally get rid if my cold. While I should probably have stayed indoors (and I am since yesterday), A and I decided to go down to the Museum of Natural History to see the Hope Diamond which is on display there right now. It is so big and perfect that it is almost seemed unreal, but their entire display of gems was a reminder of how remarkable nature is. It was also my first visit to that particular part of the Smithsonian and we stayed until they closed. I will definitely go back soon!

After a very nice birthday dinner for A at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (where we completely overate), I have basically stayed indoors. While (quite) white and beautiful, DC is cold these days and I am still not well. I did stay away from Amazon and the ballet sites though!

Crossing the Mall on the way to the Natural History Museum on Friday

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