A Feeling of Fatigue

Another what Almost Moldovan Lars refers to as misery report has yet been published in one of the major Swedish newspapers. Organhandelns offer – an article on organ trade originating from Moldova. It is normally the evening press that likes to write these one-sided misery stories from Moldova, without neither nuances nor any analysis of the reasons behind admittedly sometimes rather depressing statistics, but this time it was actually one of the more serious newspapers. Anyway, I am too tired of this to even write about it. For those of you who read Swedish, please read what Lars writes on his blog! There is also a comment there from a Moldovan living in Sweden since a few years who expresses his disappointment over how Moldova is portrayed so negatively in the Swedish media. And for all of your Swedes who have ever visited this nice and impressive country, please help spread a somewhat more accurate picture!

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