Brunch and Demonstration – Saturday in DC


Yesterday I was invited for brunch at my friend I’s new apartment up by Columbia. After the brunch we were supposed to go shopping because there is still a bunch of things that I need for my apartment and I normally give up when I am out by myself, so I offered to help me. However, when she heard of the Gaza demonstration organized outside the White House she, wanted to go there instead, just as an observer to write a piece about it. I was of course not forsaking a chance to swap shopping for something more interesting so we went down to the White House instead after our brunch.


The small park outside the White House was filled with people but I have to say that it was still quite a small crowed compared to the numbered of peopled gathered around in Europe. Across the street was a small group of Israel supporters.






All of you who know me know where I stand in this issue but I can’t really write about it here. So I leave you with some pictures instead and look forward to telling you more about the U.S. media coverage and how the debate is here over a cup of coffee instead.


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