Ten Time Zones to the East

I was thinking a while ago that it is time for a longer trip. Since I moved to DC, I haven’t really traveled that much outside of work and there are so many amazing places to see around the world! But there are so many other things on my agenda this year and I wasn’t sure when to find time for a longer trip. Fortunately, my job solved it for me. On Monday, I am off for five weeks on work in Montenegro, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. I am really excited about going! I haven’t been to Central Asia for several years, and it will be my first time in Kazakhstan. In addition, my work there will involve a lot of traveling around in the countries to meet agricultural producers, which is really my favorite part of my job! But first two concerts tomorrow with the Swedish Song Group. Might post a video depending on how I look on stage in a folk costume…

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