Concerts, a Challenge, and Personal Growth

After a day that started with a dress rehearsal at 8:30 and continued with two concerts and an evening preparing for my trip, I am exhausted but very happy with the day. The concerts went well. I think that most artists are perfectionists and I know that there were parts of the concerts that could have sounded better, but we sang in churches and not in concert halls, and I think that the audience enjoyed the performance. And it was so much fun! I love singing folk music and I love singing with orchestras, and this concert involved both. Finally, I am glad that I pushed myself to sing in the quartette that opened the concert, despite being very nervous about it and feeling immensely insecure. I am not a soloist. Duets, quartettes, etc, are normally fine, but this one was a little difficult and it’s been years since I did more serous singing, so for while, I was ready to let someone else take the part. But it is only by challenging ourselves that we grow, so I decided to go through with it. It went fine of course and I grew in confidence. Will post the video once it’s on youtube.

The cute folk costume that I wore for the concert, which my choir leader Kerstin had made. Not sure what part of Sweden it is from though…

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