Summer in Stockholm: A Quick Stop in My Hometown

Since I hadn’t been to Stockholm since before Christmas, I decided to do a quick visit this month. I still have a really small apartment in the city, and although I love my home in Washington, I sometimes miss my Swedish home. Not to mention my close ones there. As always, it was a short stop and I didn’t have time to do even half of what I had intended. Nevertheless, I had time for a bbq party at J’s summerhouse north of Stockholm (grillfest in Swedish – one of our favorite occupations during the summer), several long walks and lunches and coffees at Djurgården (one of the islands in Stockholm that is essentially one big park), drinking rosé wine at outdoor restaurants, having breakfast on my street with my neighbor, and toasting in champagne to the engagement between Swedish Prince Carl Philip and his girlfriend Sofia. (And no, this was not my initiative since I’m not a monarchist, but my friend had arranged a lovely themed dinner for the occasion). So a couple of intensive but enjoyable days. Here are a few photos of Stockholm at its best. Now it’s time to enjoy summer in DC and start packing for Florida. In a few days, I’ll be on a flight to Miami for a beach holiday with J. My first real beach holiday in about 15 years – I can’t wait!!


Gärdet playground egg sculpture

Rosendals trädgård

Karlbergskanalen Stockholm

Swedish meatballs

//Djurgårdskanalen and Östermalm //functionalistic architecture and the playground egg sculpture at Gärdet //Rosendals Trädgård at Djurgården // Karlbergskanalen with my neighborhood on the right side behind the railroad tracks // Swedish meatballs, crisp bread and Apotekarnas raspberry soda: traditional Swedish lunch with Mia-Lotta at Blå Porten at Djurgården //

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