Our Visit to Scotland in Summary

Except for our dinner Sunday night, there wasn’t a moment on this trip to Scotland that wasn’t perfect. What struck us the most was how easy it was to get around, even when our plans had to be altered because of the weather. But considering how far our Jura is and how many connections we had on the way there and back, it’s incredible that we barely had to wait more than 10 minutes anywhere. What I can recommend is to plan properly though. Many of the ferries and buses only run a few times per day, so it’s important that make sure they have connections to the next part of the journey. My other recommendation would be to have a little extra budget for taxi rides. We ended up having to take taxis three times because there were no buses, with the rides being £14 Talbet-Kennacraig, £30 Feolin-Craighouse on Jura, and £25 from the ferry at Tayvallach to the Glasgow bus on Lochgilphead Lochnell Street since the buses didn’t run on weekends. Buses and ferries were quite cheap, ranging from £5-20 depending on the distance. The hotels in Tarbert and on Jura were about £100 per nights including breakfast, but we also met some campers so budget traveling with a tent is definitely possible. Regardless, I can definitely recommend a visit to Scotland and the Hebrides – it was one of the most stunning and at the same time most peaceful places I have ever been to!   From a stop with the bus on the way back to Glasgow 

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