NYC Again

One of the best things about DC is probably its proximity to New York. Though I feel very much like the cousin from the countryside when I am there, and I still find the city somewhat overwhelming, it is without doubt an amazing place! So two weeks ago, I went up to New York to visit Elisa. (My second visit to New York since I moved here since I was there in March too, to visit Jenny-O and see Jenny K from Rome, who was in town for training.) As always, it was a very nice weekend: relaxing, stimulating, and with a lot of good food. And for me, it is of course cool to just be in New York and feel the atmosphere of the city.

Friday evening, we went to the Metropolitan museum for a drink

with Elisa’s boyfriend and his aunt (who was visiting), while listening

to a small group of musicians that played classical pieces. Elisa and I

also took the opportunity to go through the impressionist gallery, to get a

feeling of home for a few minutes.


Saturday, we spent almost the entire day in the Bronx Botanic Garden.

It was beautiful and fantastically peaceful. As the weather forecast had

predicted rain that day, we were almost alone there.




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