Åsa Getting Older

A few weeks ago, it was my birthday. I had a great, great day: It was a beautiful day with temperatures above 25 centigrades. So enjoyed the day, seeing friends and acquaintances in outdoor places. Unfortunately, I planned the day last minute so not everyone could join, but it meant instead that I did lunch, dinner, and drinks with different people. After a super-nice lunch with Mikael, Åsa, Daniel, and Mikaels friends Karin, I hang out in the sun for a while with a book, before meeting Mr. M for dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant in the neighbourhood. Elisa was coming down from NY to attend a meeting related to the Wold Bank/IMF Spring Meeting and was staying with me, so she joined us a little later when we met up with Georg, Ingwell, Patrck and Ade on the roof terrace at Local 16 on U St. My first birthday in DC!


Åsa and Daniel


Karin and Åsa


Mikael and I


I got a lot of messages, nice gifts, and super beautiful flowers,

so I felt very celebrated. Thank you so much everyone!!!!


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