Need to Make My Life A Little Lighter

I think I ned to make my life a little lighter. And no, I am not speaking metaphorically. I am on the bus on my way to New York now, and when packing yesterday and this morning for my two-month long trip, I realized that I depend on way too many things. I have to admit that most of the weight is books and other type of reading materials. My much senior collegue is always saying that he assumes that while he likes to print articles and reports to read them, he assumes that my generation reads everything on the screen. But even though I wish I was born in the 90s, I am not and henxe I grew up in a world where we still read things on paper. And so, I like reading especially books and long reports in printed format, which is not exactly convenient for a travelaholic like myself. (I really need to practice reading books on my i-pad!) Of course, the new luggage restrictions on trans-atlantic flights doesn’t exactly help. Except the environment perhaps, since I won’t really be able to do any shopping on this trip!


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  1. Åh, vad mysigt med NY! Det där med ipaden är helt klart ett steg i rätt riktning, snart kommer du lagra allt där och inte kunna leva utan den! 🙂

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