I Wish My Job was in New York!

I’ve said it many times before and I keep saying it: I wish my job was located in NYC instead of in DC! I really LOVE this place! We arrived yesterday and are staying in E’s and J’s wonderful apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and already after a day here, I am completely in love with this neighborhood. The atmosphere is great and it feels like I could spend the entire week here just sitting on the sidewalk, watching people. Which is exactly what many old people here seem to do! Our plan for this week is however to visit different beaches, walk around on Manhattan, go to museums, do a little shopping, visit different neighborhoods in the Boroughs, meet up with people we know here, and spend lots and lots of time at cafes, restaurants, and on E’s and J’s terrace.

Here are some picture from Bedford Ave, outside the cafe where I am sitting.



2 Thoughts.

  1. I wish i was living and working in NY as well!

    Check out Houston’s Steakhouse on 54th & 3rd ave.
    The burgers are to die for!!

    The Standard Grill and Fig & Oive in the Meatpacking district are 2 of my favorite restaurants.
    Well worth a visit (Lunch, dinner, wine & cheese, brunch).

    Have fun in the big Apple!

  2. Thanks a lot for the great tips! It seems like our week here just disappeared and we have mostly been taken out to different places by friends and acquaintances. But I definitely write down the places for next time I am in town (which hopefully won’t be in too long!). Thanks again!!

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