For my last week of work, I stayed in Podgorica, Montenegro, where I have worked on a project that will both start preparing various ag-institutions for a potential EU-accession, and provide financial support for small-scale rural investments. The project is just about to start and I am really looking forward to the implementation of it! Much of our work this week focused on help getting everything started and to clarify together with all parties involved what would be the first steps. The Ministry of Agriculture had also arranged a session for media and stakeholders to present the project and to get feedback on the activities that are foreseen under it. For this project, Mr. M (or Martin as his real name is – it is probably time to introduce him properly) also joined the team, which I of course was really happy about! And Montenegro is really one of my favorite countries right now, so I had a very nice week even though I did not go out of Podgorica this time. Even Midsummer Eve ended up being very nice, even though I had calamari for dinner instead of salmon and herring. Again, if you have the chance, do visit Montenegro – it is really a beautiful country!

Not as light as Midsummer Eve in Sweden, but at least we had better weather!

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