London Snaps

These past days have been really full, with sightseeing, a work related meeting, a visit to the Google Office here in London (it was amazing by the way!), a brunch and a dinner with different friends of E, a coffee and a walk in the Kensington Gardens and around the palace with my friend Igor from Moldova (there is a post about him somewhere in my blog archive from around September/October 2008), tea and chocolate shopping at Harrods, and lots and lots of just walking around and playing with E’s and J’s little children. I have to say that I like London better this time than any of the other times that I’ve been here. Perhaps thanks to E who also made me fall in love with New York. The weather is still what it is, though, and I have been freezing most of the time since I, as always when I go to northern Europe, didn’t manage to pack warm enough. But it’s greener than I remember and there are so many nice neighborhoods, parks, cafes, and restaurants everywhere, so it’s been a very nice weekend. Here are a few pics from the past days:






Royal Albert Hall


Igor in Kensington Gardens


Queen Victoria and the Kensington Palace


On E’s and J’s street

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