Kew Gardens

We spent the first half of the day today in Kew Gardens. Or the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, as they are officially known as. It was amazingly beautiful so if you ever have a chance to go there, do! I am definitely a city person and I love big cities. As you already know, Paris and New York are my favorites and I find DC a little too small for me. However, I also believe that we humans have something of a spiritual need for nature. Gardening has, for example, been proven to be beneficial for our mental and physical health. And my impression is that consumerism becomes more exacerbated in more urban areas (though it might be difficult to say if it’s a result of supply or demand). As cities grow across the world and cover an increasing part of land areas, making parks and other green areas an integral part of the urban landscape will be even more important for the wellbeing of people. Personally, I feel so relaxed after spending time in a large park, and I really love designed city parks and botanic gardens, where plants and paths and decorations have been planned by someone with a passion for landscaping and where every detail has a thought behind it. The English are obviously experts at this and Kew Botanical Gardens exceeded all my expectations. It was really a wonderful start of the day!







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