Monday Motivation

This week I’m reading: 

50 Plants that Changed the Course of History, by Bill Laws. I bought it a few years ago when I visited the Kew Gardens in London but somehow never got around to read it. Wars, conquests, and trade have throughout history so often been in pursuit of food, spices, and textiles. And so many of our modern medicines are replicas of plants with healing effects, not to speak about beauty products. So I really look forward to reading it and learning more – perhaps it will make me see the plants around me with new eyes! 

This week, I’m following:

@alphafoodie – for the most colorful food pics on Instagram, and mostly with fruits and veggies! Ah, to be that creative in the kitchen!

Food of the week:

Soy milk. With my travels, I have mostly had regular milk these past months and admittedly, I LOVE anything dairy, from milk and yoghurt to ice cream and . But non-livestock products is of course a healthier option and the way that livestock is raised here, also more sustainable. 

Cause of the week: 

It will have to be #NeverAgain! In any way, small or big, and not just in the U.S. If you can, join the marches on March 24. It can never be acceptable for children to witness or being subject to gun violence!

This week, these words inspire me:

 “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” by Nelson Mandela, and I think of what many have said on the news these past days, namely that 20 years ago, marriage equality was something politicians here in the U.S. stayed away from and that everyone thought was impossible to achieve. But opinions changed and it got done! So maybe it will be possible to change the gun laws in this country too, despite the NRA and the 2nd amendment.

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