Who Wants Winter??

This past week have been a little slow. I thought first that perhaps it was a post dissertation dip, i.e. that mental fall that often comes after a period of stress, when the adrenaline level goes down. But then I realized that it’s the season. Turning back the clock last weekend coincided with a sharp drop in temperatures to almost freezing levels, and after two days, I remembered how much I detest cold weather and darkness. I can’t really describe it, it makes me tense and irritated, and unmotivated to do anything that requires outdoor logistics. Fortunately, it is too early for winter here in DC and the temperature has been rising again since yesterday. I still miss summer and especially not having to dress warm, but I tried to make the most of the season today when the sun finally came out, and went for a walk, bought pretty autumn colored flowers, and made apple pies. This weekend, temperatures will be just below 20 C, so hopefully some of my motivation will come back. And if not, I’m really glad I got that Netflix subscription!!





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