Sunny Saturday

Today was indeed much warmer, and gave the opportunity to outdoor lunch with a book at a cafe in Silver Spring after my dance class. The climate is so much nicer here in Washington than in Stockholm, Chisinau, and even Paris (when we don’t have extreme weather events that is) but I’m wondering if I’m not better suited for life closer to the equator… A coffee and a book in the sun is great, though, even if the jacket is on!

20121110-231254.jpgI just finished Lena Einhorn’s “Siri” about Siri von Essen, August Strinberg’s first wife. Despite my Swedish literature teacher’s attempts to spark my enthusiasm for Strindberg by spending a disproportional number of classes his work, I was never a fan of Strindberg. And I can’t say that this has changed after having read this book – he was a terribly unsympathetic and self absorbed person! Siri, however, seems to have been a very interesting person: an early champion for women’s rights and a lot less traditional even than many women in my surrounding today. I wouldn’t mind learning more about her. 

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