Urban Hiking

Last weekend was actually quite busy compared with my otherwise tranquillo life in DC. In addition to going to a party, holding a presentation on Moldova for the Romanian Meet-Up Group, working on a background note on Albania and then loosing the document, and exploring my neighborhood, Mr. M and I took a walk in Rock Creek Park. It is one of the main parks in DC and the walk was quite nice. The trail we took actually involved some almost-climbing, but it was still a very urban hike as I managed to balance a frappuccino from Starbucks the whole time (though I did have to put it away in my bag a few times in order to have both hands free when climbing some steep hills). And there was a constant noise from the traffic. It might be as wild as nature gets in DC, but I have to admit that I hope to find a better spot.


Hiking with a frappuccino


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