In Chisinau Again

I am back in Chisinau. It is wonderful!!! (And yes, it is the first time in several days that I am on-line outside of the office – hence the lagging blog posts below.) Everyone here asks how it feels and to be honest, it feels like I am back home. Like I have been travelling for a while and now I am back to stay. Ghenadie was in a way adding to that feeling as he came to meet me at the airport when I arrived, which also made me feel a bit Moldovan. (See my blog from November 9)  With one exception though: I am staying at a hotel this time. The same hotel as I stayed at when I first arrived here. It feels a bit strange, thought it is quite familiar to me since I have had business breakfasts and dinner here countless times. But I still want to take a turn on my little street when I walk from the office, and go home to my little house. Actually, guess it is not my little house anymore…


I am here for work, to look into on-going agricultural reforms and my days are thus mainly spent in meetings with counterparts and various stakeholders. But the plan is to take some time in the evenings to hang out with friends. Saturday, I am going on a field trip in the morning to meet with farmers, and in the evening I am going to see a documentary about the children left behind in Moldova, whose parents have moved abroad. It is so good to be back!!


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