Saturday Noon and Still on Schedule

This is a very hectic weekend for me, for no other reason than that I want to squeeze in as many fun things as possible while managing two work deadlines and still not let my home turn into a mess. Today includes ballet, weekly grocery shopping, laundry, booking a flight to Chisinau, skyping with someone, work, and dinner + a hockey game at 5 pm. And tomorrow is almost the same. It is now little after noon and I am still on schedule. Thanks to a good schedule, I would say! Whenever I have a lot to do, I list everything and the number of days that I have available, and then I estimate the time each task will take and distribute accordingly over available days. It gives a more realistic overview of what is actually feasible in the given amount of time. Fortunately, not all days are like this. My goal is for weekends to be filled with endless chilling, like last weekend. That’s the way I think a good life should be!


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