The World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings

The World Bank and the IMF are having their annual Spring Meetings this weekend and ministers, government representatives, and civil society are here from all over the world. And I think no-one has been able to pass by the World Bank entrance these days without feeling inspired and motivated! Join the cause and let’s end poverty in this generation!


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  1. Another year passed so quickly …
    Happy birthday Åsa and all the best!
    I hope to see you somewhere on this planet again.
    Take care, Fulko

    • Thanks a lot Fulko! It is so nice of you to check in now and then! Where are you now? Still in Indonesia? Yes, it would be fun to see you again some time. In fact, I am going to Moldova in little over a week!

      Take care, Åsa

      • Hi Åsa, always great to hear from you and to see where you are! Going back to Moldova must be exciting after all these years but I bet you will enjoy this lovely country once more. I left Indonesia quite a while ago and right now I am in Cambodia. Let me know if you are around in this part of the world!
        Take care, Fulko

  2. Hi again Fulko, I have actually been back several times these past years, both for work and for and only last fall for a wedding, but I still enjoy it as much every time. I just posted a few pics of some of the changes I saw this time. If I’m lucky enough to come to your part of the world any time soon, I will definitely let you know. Cambodia sounds amazing! Take care and best of luck with everything! Åsa

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