Friday Night in Washington

Am watching Inside Washington on PBS and eating a burger from Five Guys. Can’t be more DC that this! I have more inspiring plans for the weekend though. Among other things I will  meet up with an American friend that I know from Moldova and whom I haven’t seen since I moved here. So lunch in Georgetown tomorrow, and probably a bit of browsing in stores after, since Georgetown is the best shopping area in DC. In the evening, I am invited to some Swedish cupcake and wine gathering. (You’d might think cupcakes would be out of fashion by now, but not yet! And always delicious regardless!) And the rest of the weekend will be dedicated to writing and dance. Not too eventful but then again, DC is not NY. And I am glad to have some time to focus on my writing. The story, by the way, is not set in DC…

My sister Jessica in front of the Capitol Hill, from her visit in Nov 2011

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