Another Project

I am in New York again. I felt like hanging out with Jenny and other friends up here, so I took the bus up Friday morning and am staying until tomorrow afternoon. It’s been a very cozy weekend, though a bit cold since the temperature has been below freezing. I have only been hanging out in East Village, where Jenny lives, Soho, and Williamsburg this time. Lots of dinners, brunches, parties, and interesting people as always! I have also had the opportunity to do a little research for my next project, which is to write a teenage novel. Part of the story will be set in New York, so I am trying to find suitable locations for various events. A quite fun task actually! I have had the story in the back of my head for the past two years, so I hope that 2012 will finally be the year when I realize this project! In addition to screening the NY environment, I picked up a motivational book and some information on self publishing. So at least a small step forward. The next step is to find some time to write….


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