Earl Messing Up Our Weekend Plans

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend and officially the last weekend of summer here in the U.S. So people tend to go to the beach. And so were we, if it wasn’t for Earl! We were planning to go to Rehoboth Beach but with Earl approaching, we had to cancel. Who Earl is? A hurricane. It hasn’t affected the weather here in DC though (except for that it’s been a bit windy), so yesterday evening we went to Jazz in the Sculpture Garden. Every Friday evening, a jazz bands are playing in the Sculpture Garden in the middle of the Mall, and people are having picnic and sangria in the grass. Or rather: in the grass, under the trees, on the benches, and on the edges of the fountain. It is always packed with people but a very nice to start the weekend in the summer!

June 2010 016 Packed with people around the fountain

July 2010 089 I brought cheese and baguette to our picnic, and someone else brought granola bars….

July 2010 088

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