Back to School! (And Very Excited About It!)

Thursday when I opened my e-mail, this message was waiting for me!


In a few weeks I start a new Master’s Program in Food Policy at the City University London. It is a part-time distance program that runs over two years, which will allow for me to work at the same time. The program covers areas from food safety to the political economy of food policy and food anthropology. What I learn on this program will obviously be very useful in my current work but I also hope that it will bring me one step closer to answering the question that has occupied me for the past years: how do we ensure access and availability to nutritious food for everyone while improving incomes in rural areas where the majority of the World’s poor lives, and without compromising the environment? I don’t think the program itself will give me all the answers, but I hope it will give me some new insights and ideas. And yes, I will obviously keep everyone posted! 

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