Desperately Looking for Signs of Spring

I was looking for signs of spring this weekend but despite promises of sunny days and decent temperatures, the sun was barely visible behind the clouds and it was windy and quite chilly. A former colleague and I went for a walk down to the National Mall with the hope of finding a pink landscape, but Washington DC’s famous cherry blossom is still not in full bloom. This has been the coldest winter here since I moved to Washington five years ago and it seemed like the rest of DC was as eager as me to see the sun that day. The steps of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial were packed with people as were the rest of the monuments and parks around DC. But today, the weather was grey and rainy again, and temperatures in the range of what we normally have here in December. The cherry blossom peak, last week projects for April 8-12, is now expected around April 15. So I’m still in my winter coat, snapping photos of every little sign of spring that I see.



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  1. Hi Asa
    it’s been a very long time since your birthday party in the apartment in Chisinau… but I again wish you a very happy birthday and hope that you are happy, healthy and enjoy life.
    Take care and all the best

  2. Hi Fulko, it’s a really nice tradition, finding a comment here every year from you! Are you still in Indonesia? My very best wishes to you and until next year!


    • Hi Asa

      Great to hear that you are enjoying the Caribbean. Looks very beautiful.
      I left Indonesia quite a while ago but would like to go back. Right now I’m in Bangkok and just came back from Angkor Wat.

      Take care, all the best and come over for a visit

      • Sounds like you’re really traveling around! Anywhere that I can follow your adventures?

        The Caribbean was fantastic, hope to go back soon. Asia would be fantastic, never been past Mongolia!

        Take care and stay in touch! Å

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