The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short

Sometimes, life spins so fast that it’s difficult to keep up. Or at least that’s how I felt this fall. To be honest, my life is not that exciting, but somehow, there is so much happening all the time. These past six months have been filled with travels, a new academic program, and new challenges at work. And then in middle of everything, I was in a small accident, which made everything in life ridiculously much more complicated! With all this, I constantly felt like I was one step behind, just barely keeping up with deadlines. So this year – in spite of my preference for new year’s goals instead of resolutions, as per easier posts here – I made one promise to myself: to be more on top of things in 2018!

With that, I bought a planner. I gave up paper planners a few years ago, with the phone planner app, but I see on blogs that planners seem to be coming back. There is just something special about seeing all the days of the month in front of you on a paper, with deadlines and plans clearly marked up. Hopefully, this will mean more time for fun writing between travels and seminars, instead of desperately trying to meet deadlines. Or at least that’s my aspiration…

Planner 2018

The quote in the heading is old, but I got it from Gretchen Ruben!

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