Day Trip to Alexandria

Am just back after having had dinner and French conversation with a couple of Martin’s friends. They meet up once a week just to speak French together, and this time I was invited. I have to say that my French sucks right now. I tried to take part in the conversation but my vocabulary was completely lost. I think that what I really need is two weeks in France! Or on a French speaking island in the West Indies perhaps…

But no vacation plans for now. I have several trips coming up within the next months, so getting on a flight doesn’t seem so tempting right now. But there are things to see around here too. Last Saturday, Martin and I went over to Old Town Alexandria – a small town located a little further down the Potomac River. It was my first time there and I thought it was a lovely little town – like taken out of a 19:th century story book. While there, we discovered that there are boats going between Georgetown and Alexandria, so we took the boat back to DC. Think I will do that trip again soon!

                   Alexandria July 2009 014

                                Alexandria July 2009 006        

                                 Small streets and lovely houses

                     Alexandria July 2009 002

                                             By the river

                     Alexandria July 2009 025

                                      Alexandria July 2009 027

                                        On the boat back to DC

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