One of My Favorite Places in Washington

A wonderful place in DC is Kramer Books. It is a fairly small book store on Connecticut Avenue, just off Dupont Circle and only a few blocks from me. It is not really my favorite book store here in DC (although I normally find most books that I am looking for there), but it is a wonderful place in the sense that it is more of a public space than a book store. It has both a late-night open bar/cafe and a nice restaurant, and is kind of a meeting point for people. For those of you who are from Stockholm, it is kind of like Svampen. If I am to meet up with someone at Dupont Circle (which is also a metro stop), we normally decide to meet inside Kramer Books, even though we are not planning to look for a book or eat something there. It is thus always crowded inside but it gives it a lovely atmosphere.

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     I know, it is not a very good photo. But if you click on the link,

     there is a short clip about the store and the restaurant.

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