Rainy or Sunny Sunday in DC?

I just checked out the blog of Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt, to see what he had written about his visit to Moldova little over a week ago. As I did so, I learned that he too is on an official visit in Washington with Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. They seem to be in a different Washington though, as he writes in his blog post from yesterday that “Arrived in a sunny and beautiful Washington.” As far as I recall (and also wrote on the blog), the rain was hanging in the air here in DC and earlier today, I tried to recall when I last saw the sun! (And no, I don’t think this can be explained by local weather variations since the White House is only about 10 blocks from me.)

Unfortunately, I can’t embed the c-span video from the press conference, but here is the link. Though it is nice to see that they seem to be on first name basis, I have to say that Reinfeldt appears a bit dull next to Obama.

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