What Do You Do Without a Book?

After a long day at work, ballet class in the evening, and a quick dinner, it is now almost midnight and I am ready to go to sleep. I tried a new class tonight at Joy of Motion, and we were so focused on the exercises that we forgot the time. When I finally got to the metro, I saw a train leave the platform and since they are renovating the DC metro system, the trains run sporadically and the was a 20 minute wait for the next train. Normally, this is not a problem because I can always read while waiting, but today I had FORGOTTEN TO BRING A BOOK!! Those of you who know me, know how incredibly rare this is. My question is: what do people do in these situation without a book or something else to read?? I ended up studying every person on the platform, and then I almost fell asleep on the bench where I was sitting. Is that normal? Forgetting a book was especially stupid since I don’t exactly have a shortage of books to read. Below is what is waiting for me on my bedside table (I have started reading about half of them…)


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