Hollywood of Ugly People

Sunday afternoon at the Mall. No, not the mall as in a gigantic building filled with stores but the National Mall in the middle of Washington DC. This weekend has been beautiful here: clear an sunny, with almost spring-like temperatures, so today, Monika and I took Benji and went for a two hour walk around the White House and the western part of the Mall. I think it was Wallpaper that somewhere called Washington DC as Hollywood of ugly people, referring to all the unglamorous famous people that are here. And it is true that I quite often see top politicians, political advisors, etc, in the street or in restaurants around the city. And so also today. On our way down to the Mall, we passed by Cafe du Parc to pick up a coffee, and afterwards, Monika told me that one of the men that were having coffee at the bar was the President’s tailor, George de Paris. And not just President Obama’s, but dating back to LBJ! (Very well dressed by the way, also on a Sunday!)  Here is his own story.

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