Last Photos from Beautiful Rwanda

It seems like no matter how many pictures I post, I can’t really do Rwanda justice. Nevertheless, here are a few more:

Rwanda's hills

Rwanda's hills

Bicycle Rwanda

Rwandan students

Schoolchildren Rwanda

Rwanda tea plantation

Tea pickers Rwanda

Rwanda monkey

Climbing Rwanda's hills

The blankets of green bushes are tea: the closer the bushes, the better the product. Picking is, however, labor intensive so I try to buy fair trade to make sure that also the tea pickers have a somewhat decent salary regardless of where in the world the team comes from. The field in the picture is a cooperative, so hundreds of small farmers own the land together. Above is the most common mode of local transportation of agricultural products – bicycles! I’m often very impressed when I see how much a skilled bicyclist can balance on an unpaved road, but it is also for us to remember how much effort that goes in into the supply chains before some foods reach our tables. The youth dressed in blue are students, and the last picture is of me climbing the hill to meet the coffee farmers. 

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