Food, Agriculture and a Teen Adventure

My writing reached a milestone last week when I reached 30,000 words on my teen mystery novel. Or it felt like a milestone somehow because all the advice that I’ve read here in the U.S. on how to write a novel has set 50,000 words as the first target for the end, after which the write should focus on polishing of the text and making the story fuller, etc. So 30,000 words meant that I had written more than half. And now, at 35,000 words, it feels like the story is just moving forward by itself. It’s so fun to write! What the novel is about? Well, not sure how much I should reveal here, but food, agricultural policy, international development, and corporate conspiracy are all ingredients. What else when I’m the author? And my teen heroine has travelled a lot more than I had at the age of 16!

To be continued…


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  1. Hey Åsa Giertz! I really appreciate to what you’ve done and where your passion carried you already. It seems so impressive to know you’re up to in making an article about agriculture. As i read your personal information, it really impressed me! You surely got a plenty of skills to show off. Great skills Åsa! God speed!

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