Travelling in Eastern Europe Summer 2008

A Few Impressions on the Way


Jonas and I made some comparing bullet points over some trivia that are of course of no real interest, but just for fun:


  • Best food: Moldova;
  • Best beer: Ukraine (according to Jonas – I drank wine in some countries);
  • Most luxurious hotel we stayed in: Sibiu;
  • Most designed hotel we stayed in: Vilnius;
  • Coolest hotel we stayed in: Hotel George in Lviv;
  • Most horses and carriages on the roads: Romania;
  • Least cars on the roads: Belorussia;
  • Most boring bus stops: Ukraine (the bust stops are in general very arty throughout all the former Soviet Union);
  • Scariest waitresses: Ukraine;
  • Best boarder crossing: Moldova and Belorussia, and the Shengen non-control between Lithuania and Latvia of course  (though they were all ok, except for the one between Ukraine and Romania);

I also realized that many of you do not know who Jonas is. Jonas is one of my best friends and the closest I have to a brother. We have known each-other since we were six years old and he moved in next door to me, and I walked in on their back yard to check out the new family. We went to the same class for nine years, before we chose different programmes in high-school but even then, we were still in the same school. In addition, our mothers are really good friends and Jonas parents now live on the corner of Vikingagatan (the Viking Street), where I too have my apartment in Stockholm (it was really a coincidence that we all ended up on that street). This is far from the first time we travel together ad hopefully not the last. (Though by the end of our trip, Jonas commented that it was amazing that we still had something to talk about after 2.5 weeks…)


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