The Organization Livstycket

My mom sent me this cute shopping bag and these fantastic napkin the other day. My mom is really interested in working with textiles (especially embrodries) and she came across the textile organization Livstycket. Livstycket is located in one of Stockholm’s most immigrant populated suburbs that brings people together through the work with textiles. The idea is that especially women that may not get out that much, but also men, can come and work with a craft they know while meeting people with different backgrounds and different cultures, and speak Swedish. They then have exhibition and sell the things they make, but the most important aspect is to bring people together and to make them stronger as a group. Livstycket also operates in Turkey and Uganda.

The theme with the bag pattern is inspired by the importance of the bag that a refugee comes with to a new place. That one bag that holds all their belongings from their old life that they bring with them into their new life.

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