Sunday Work and Planning a Trip

I am working today. I wish I didn’t have to because I should really focus on my studies now, but I have no choice due to a meeting that I have tomorrow. Anyway, I hope to make up for it another day this week. But I also spoke with my friend AP in Stockholm, and we are planning a trip to San Francisco in early June. I was there when I was 18, but that is now 19 years ago so I think it is time for me to visit the Bay Area again. AP and I were in Odessa together a few years ago when we both lived in Moldova, and he also came over to DC my first winter here, so we know that we travel well together. I really look forward to it!! Here is a little preview of what we will see:

(In addition to planning our trip, AP also complained about my poor blogging this past week, so I am trying to make up for it now!)

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