So Far Away And Yet Impossible to Escape

I am not sure if anyone has noticed that I, despite being Swedish, has not mentioned the royal wedding between Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling in this blog? It’s been on purpose. I am not a royalist, and even if I did think it quite sweet at first (also since they did it in the typical Swedish way, after eight years as couple and after living together for a while, and with both of them well in their 30s), it became too much in the end and I found the media circus quite ridiculous. After all, the whole system is so outdated and feels like it belongs in a museum or in history books rather than in one of the most progressive countries in the world. (I am not even going to get into what people that I meet in other countries think about it.) I was even invited to watch the wedding here with a group of Swedes, but passed because I really couldn’t be less interested. But Friday night when I was out with P and A, we started talking to a group of people next to us. As soon as one of the girls (M) heard that I was from Sweden, she told me that she had been to some kind of horseback riding camp in Colorado with Princess Victoria when they were teenagers. According to M, they didn’t know who Victoria was at the time, and it wasn’t until M saw her in a gossip magazine in Europe that she realized who Victoria was. M also told me, while sipping her wine and lighting another cigarette, that during that camp, Victoria gave her her first cigarette (a Marlborough Light). If this is true or not, I cannot say. Maybe M just wanted a royal excuse to continue smoking in the 2010s. Regardless, it seems like no matter how far away from Sweden I am, I cannot escape the Swedish royal family!

In terms of royalties, I do have a favorite princess though, and that is the one below!


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