On Moldova

The Poorest Country in Europe

I read in the news a while ago that Moldova has the lowest purchasing power in Europe. According to the GfK Purchasing Power Europe 2007/2008 Study, Moldova has a per capita purchasing power of 685 euros per year, which is about 1/40 of the purchasing power of a Swiss or Luxembourg citizen who has over 27,000 euros per year to spend. These figures show a swindling difference between three countries on the same continent, which share historic and linguistic backgrounds. Again, this is a country that deserves much better! In Europe, we often frown at the U.S. and the huge differences in all income and welfare indicators that are accepted there. We feel a bit superior and that we are a little more humane, having left that type of society behind us. But really, it is just that we chose not to acknowledge what we have in our own back yard and what ultimately is our responsibility. 

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