On Moldova

Jessica’s Impression of Chisinau


Before Jessica left, I of course asked her what she thought of Chisinau. I am always curious to see what other foreigners think about this place – if I am no longer objective or if it de facto a very nice city. Well mot surprisingly, she really liked the city (like everyone else who comes here). She thought that people here are generous and friendly, that it is a green city and that there are a lot of nice buildings here (though also many that are in need of renovation – but nothing really ugly). As most of us here, she also thought the food was great and liked the fact that the Chisinau cuisine is diverse and that there is a lot to choose between. And she thought that people here are neatly dressed, both young people and old ladies. The only main downside in her view is all the traffic during the days – something I don’t think about of course after two years in Rome.


Resa m Jessica 2008ii 161

Gifts from my wonderful neighbour Sofia for Jessica to bring with her home


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