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I just moved in to my new apartment. Or at least if bringing two suitcases and a backpack from the inn I stayed at three blocks away can be defined as moving in. It is a light one-bedroom apartment close to Dupont Circle, on 16th and Q more or less. It’s a nice neighbourhood with lots of restaurants and cafes, and 20 minutes walk to my work, which is perfect. And yes, it is very “Stuff White People Like” (a lot like Birkastan for all my Swedish friends), but at least I will fit right in!


I will for sure miss my little house in Moldova though. When I first posted some pictures from my little courtyard, I implied that there would be a follow-up. When I was packing last Sunday, I finally got around to take some pictures from the inside and here it is.


Okt 2008i 017Okt 2008i 021

The diningroom (and enterance)


Okt 2008i 023Okt 2008i 024

The kitchen had not been rennovated for a while, and a had some cool details from the

Soviet era, like the radio.


Okt 2008i 036

The Sofa, which was one of the few acailable in the Soviet Union. Easy to make into

a bed but terribly uncomfortable. Liliana has the same in her place, and I even saw one in

one of the hotels we stayed at this summer.


Okt 2008i 037


Summer2008_2 042

It is not so easy to find furnitures in Moldova, and so I never managed to

find a bookcase…


Okt 2008i 046

The bedroom was kind of a nisch in the livingroom.


Summer2008_2 033

The pretty, pretty street Veronica Micle


Summer2008_2 031

The theater, Teatrul Luceafarul, right next to our courtyard


Summer2008_2 035

Moldovan style theater prosters


The best thing with it was the location and all my great neighbours, with actors, artists and journalists in all the houses, and with their kids running in the little alley in the evenings. It was really a home! I hope my new apartment here will feel the same eventually. As soon as I get some furniture, I will post pictures.


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